Yes, I said smooooooooth! I mean it is called Creamy Chocolate Breakfast Shake. 

I know, I know, it was not too long ago that I posted a chocolate drink but can you ever really get too much chocolate? This drink is super similar to a favorite smoothie recipe of mine. A little banana, almond milk, spinach and cacao. But this splendid shake includes almond butter and WooWee is it tasty. Now a couple of important things. 


  1. This recipe serves 2. Much power to you if you can devour it all but most likely if you’re flying solo, cut the measurements in half. 
  2. The ingredients list stevia or agave nectar for added sweetness but feel free to throw in a date or two instead. You know you were wondering what to do with those things. 
  3. I can only vouch for the frozen blueberries. I have never tried adding strawberries. Blueberries give it an awesome flavor and they are now in season. Head on over to Spicer Orchards and pick yo’self a bucket full. 
  4. I can’t list the recipe on this page because, well, that would be stealing, so for a link click ---> here or on the picture above.The lovely Dana of Minimalist Baker (one of my go-to blogs) created it from a version she found on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, you sure do inspire. 

So now that you have the low down, why are you still here reading this blog? Get a-clickin on the link above and make some deliciousness come to life. Namaste!