Thank You For Being There

(picture courtesy of Jeff Convery : 

Where has the Ethos Blog been you ask? Well, on a much needed hiatus. Yes, this mother of 3 required a break from what she loves (sounds a little crazy, I know) to assimilate the changes life brings in unexpected ways. 2016 has delivered me a whole heap of newness including home-schooling my middle son and wonderful prospects of artistic connection. Sometimes I get so accustomed to how life rolls that when it rolls another way, it knocks me off balance. So, I have been using the past few months to find my drishti, get grounded and yoga back to my senses. (Thanks Kathryn)

I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your life, when it seems like you have had to put aside what you love in order to tend to what’s happening on the main stage. You might have felt overwhelmed or overworked, maybe a little resentful that you were sacrificing so much. But we know that the emotions behind a circumstance often change as quickly as the weather. And those pieces, those lost things that are part of who we are, they always come back into play. They are our non-negotiables and I actually wrote a blog about it some time ago.

They are the things that make us feel alive. They are the people, places, activities and objects that fuel our soul. And… I know for certain, if I go too long without them, then I just don’t feel like myself. Let’s all do a check-in. Are you putting aside something that really makes you smile? Have your priorities gone askew? Mine did, but I’m back. I love writing this blog and I’ve come to find that for me, connecting with you is my non-negotiable. Thank you for being there!