My New Obsession

Yup, that’s about right. My mind has become fixated on one delicious drink all the liveong day. It started about, ohhhhh, two months ago when a dear friend of mine sent me this --> recipe.

I was like… 

“Turmeric? Sweet!”

“Maca? Awesome!”

“Coconut oil? Heck-to-the-yes!”

and of course

“Cacao powder? Hot damn!”

Some of my all time favorite add-ins together in one drink AND it’s warm? How can you go wrong? I love warm drinks in the morning. Especially when we’re not really experiencing Texas temperatures over here.

Side note to my sweet Mother Earth:


This beautiful blend of goodness is not too sweet and oh so earthy. It’s a great substitute for coffee and it’s creaminess is like a latte without the naugh-tay. (That was code for caffeine) So, sip on this bodacious beverage in the morning or cuddle up and savor its flavor with some vegan cookies or scones. I know I'm not ready to end this crush quite yet so please join me in loving something VERY lovable. It’s a must try for you and in this house it has become a must-make.

Here’s to some good ol’ fashion hot chocolate… Cheers!