Love Day

Love someone today, even if that means simply loving yourself! 



i want you here . i want to wake up early, drag you out of bed and spend the entire day together . i want to climb under the covers with you and forget that i'm awake . i want you to feel sadness when you have to leave me to go to work . i want you to love me enough to know i'll always be here when you get back . don't ever be afraid to leave . i want to take pictures of you everywhere . but i want to remember you so well that i don't ever have to see them . i want to develop my heart and hang it on your wall . i want to take time to be alone and share it with you in writing . i want you to know my day . i want to read something that's my soul and know it's your soul too . i want reading it to never be enough . i want to be the paper you pour yourself onto and the eraser that gets rid of your mistakes . i never want to be your mistake . i want to discover your scars . and make them together too . i want you to realize eternity is a moment without you . and without you there is space . i don't want more empty space . i want to fill you in like cracks in the sidewalk . i want to be the rain that cascades down your back . i want to be your sun and moon . and battle for the light and darkness that rests within you . i want to begin your thoughts and finish your sentences . i want my words to heal you . i want years to go by together . and celebrate no longer being apart . i never want to count our relationship and base its worth on numbers . i want my smile to make you smile . and don't ever want my tears to make you worry . i want your mornings . your days . and your nights . and never want to let time get in the way of anything . i love all that makes you, you . you are all i need.

-canvas voice