New Year, New You?

Welcome to the new year! 2016! Can you believe it’s here? So now what? I know it’s a pretty typical American custom to have a list of goals for the upcoming year. Do you have any? Does yours looks something like this…

Ok, so maybe these aren’t exactly what you had in mind, but let’s just use this list as an example. Often times (but not always) we set these goals or resolutions because we don’t like who we are. We acquire the mindset that if only we were better, or thinner or a million other things, that we would love life or ourselves more. We will call this the, “I’m not enough program.” It’s an idea that was built into our subconscious mind through conditioning and according to Dr. Bruce Lipton it is a message that's on replay about 95% of our day. Over and over since we were little babes, people, ads and television shows have lead us to believe we had to be something other than ourselves to be likable. Most of us could never show our true colors or live in authenticity because who we were just wasn’t, well, enough. But, “Enough is Enough.”

I have a huge revelation for you. Ta-Da!


Right now, right in this very moment, you are perfectly you and there’s no one better to be. There is no condition or materialistic thing that could make you more lovable. No food, body alteration or income increase that would propagate more self-love. Isn’t that great news? That means that your new year resolutions can be done with a light and happy heart. It means that whether the things on your list are fulfilled or not, you are simply amazing anyway. You want to create a kick-booty set of intentions? Start to accept yourself this very instant, begin where you are and practice loving every part of your being. That action alone will inspire change. So you don’t have to throw away your goals, on the contrary. Just get a sharpie and write self-love and acceptance at the top, in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

Giving yourself permission to simply BE YOU is the greatest gift that you could receive this New Year. Let freedom ring!