Going Bananas

With three kids in my house it seems as though my fruit basket is always packed with bananas. If I let them, my kids would probably eat a whole bushel of bananas in one day. Needless to say there comes a time when the perfectly ripe bananas become a little overripe. You know the ones: spotted black, squishy to the touch. So, into the freezer for smoothies they go orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, time for a delicious treat! It was definitely a treat sort of day so we searched the world wide web for a delicious banana vegan goody and TA-DA! we found these… 

Vegan Banana Nut Scones. 

(Picture courtesy of Kate Taylor from Cookie+Kate Blog)

Score! They were simply delectable and quite easy to make. My 3 year old helped out and the end product was just as lovely as the picture above. The entire family was pleased. Thank you Cookie and Kate for the wonderful recipe and suggestions. Visit Cookie+Kate blog to view this recipe and for more fantastic and wholesome goodies.