Strike a pose: Sky Archer Pose

There's snow, finally snow! Sometimes all the snow tends to keep us indoors but all the more reason to practice yoga. Hooray! Today we’ll be exploring Sky Archer Pose. 

Break it down now: Sky Archer Pose

Sky Archer, sometimes known as Reverse Triangle, is similar to Reverse Warrior Pose except your front leg stays straight instead of bent. It’s a great precursor to Triangle Pose and a fantastic counterpose to Extended Side Angle. Sky Archer is a wonderful way to strengthen the legs, open the chest and shoulders and stretch the side ribs, obliques and underarm muscles.

Sky Archer Pose

Begin by standing at the top of the mat, feet together, hands by your sides.  Step the right foot back about 3-4 feet. Your front foot stays facing forward and your back foot turns out about 45 degrees. Keep both of the legs straight and turn your chest to the right. Next, allow your right hand to slide down your right thigh or wrap around the lower back as your left hand reaches up and over your head pointing towards the back of your mat. Try to create a nice side bend opposed to a backbend. Root down through your feet and keep extending through the left hand. Tuck the tailbone, open the chest and shoulders and take your gaze towards the ceiling or towards your back foot. 

Hold for a few breaths, rise up on an inhale and step to the front of your mat to repeat on the other side. 


Slowly work your way into the pose. If going for a deep side bend isn’t there for you today rest your hand higher on your thigh. 

If you feel unstable try using a chair or wall to support your back hand. 

Going deeper into the pose:

After you get a feel for the pose perhaps you can try gripping your left wrist with your right hand and guiding the side bend deeper. 

If you’re still not at your edge try lifting your front toes off of the ground and maybe even closing your eyes. 

Bust a move little winter yogis.