Meditate every moment

This was a blog written by Canvas Voice a while back. It is so relevant to our everyday lives. Take a read. 

sometimes in the still of the morning
when the magic of the world is at its peak
i can sense the peace
and it's a piece of me
(canvas text)

Blog about the piece: I don't always have the time to sit cross-legged and meditate, don't always have the time to watch the sunrise and find that sense of peace and stillness. Sometimes I find myself moving around almost the entire length of my day at an accelerated pace. Like many of you I am busy. I have three kids and most of my time is dedicated to teaching them and helping them to get to know life. But I need those moments of stillness. I need the calm. E'yen A. Gardner writes, "Being still does not mean don't move. It means move in peace." There are certain ways we each find the calm. For you it may be full lotus, eyes closed and meditating, for others a serene walk or getaway but for me it is in the everyday. I have learned that through the simple act of awareness I can find myself in a more peaceful state of mind. For example, today was a little more crazy then usual. The children were bursting with energy, we had a garage sale going on and lots of people coming and going. On my way into the house I realized how disconnected I felt from the moment. I had been planning and thinking things out for the past couple of hours without even noticing what was truly happening around me. To center myself all I had to do was be aware. I honed in on my breathing, noticed my bare feet tip-toeing on the pavement, felt the cold metal handle in my fingers as I listened to the creaky front door open. Sometimes all it takes to bring us back to reality is following our senses. What do you hear, feel, smell, taste and see? When we ask ourselves this without analyzing it we find the stillness and connection to things because our senses are in the now. Know that every part of your day can be a mediation. Through awareness every part of your day can bring you into that wonderful stillness. Find this piece of peace in you.