Meet Kylene

Last week I had the most wonderful opportunity to finally meet and chat with our new Acupuncturist at Ethos, Kylene Goforth. What a delight! The Ethos community has been buzzing with excitement about her arrival for a couple of weeks and I felt so honored to have the chance to sit down and hear her story in person. Now, before we begin some of you might ask, “What in the world is acupuncture?” Well, here you go…

acupuncture: the stimulation of specific points along the skin of the body using thin needles (and I mean very thin)

An in depth explanation of acupuncture can be found here on Kylene’s website. 

Now... Let’s get to know Kylene:

Kylene’s interest in acupuncture didn’t come about until after she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Promotion: Community Health Education. A year following college graduation she found herself sick with a case of shingles and was miraculously healed through the practice of acupuncture and herbs. She began working as a secretary for her acupuncturist and two other naturopathic doctors who encouraged her to get a Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so she did.

After Kylene achieved her Master’s Degree she and her husband sold everything that they owned and moved to Bali. It was here that Kylene really started to connect with yoga, offering acupuncture to teacher trainees as well as yogis on retreat. When she made the move to Michigan, a year later, the connection she developed with yoga made for a smooth transition into the Ethos community.  

Kylene offers a holistic and collaborative health practice in which she and the patient gives %100 effort. “There is no A+B=C in this practice,” she says. “It’s malleable and multilayered. It’s unique for each individual. Ten people can come in with a headache but each one receives a different treatment. That is the art and the science of what acupuncture really is.” 

Kylene believes that our bodies are “always moving towards balance and homeostasis” and that her job is to work with people to help remove the blocks that aren’t allowing us to get there. Just as our yoga teachers do, she helps us to get to know our bodies, connect on all levels and integrate health with happiness. Kylene is enthusiastic to share her passion of healing with the entire Ethos family.  

The things that make Kylene SMILE:

her family--her husband Andrew--being near water--campfires--good conversation--her dog Vega--knowing her family and friends are taken care of--snuggling up with a warm cup of tea and a book on a cold day--hearing her favorite song on the radio--a delicious bowl of coconut ice cream--good dark chocolate--farmer’s markets on a sunny day--a yoga class that kind of kicks your butt… in a good way. 

Kylene's go-to song right now: One Republic, I Lived 

What's Kylene reading?: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Kylene’s Health advice in one sentence: Cut out the sugar and drink more water. 

You can learn more about Kylene and her practice at the website Feel free to contact her with questions or comments at

What a great new addition we have to the Ethos caregiving team. Welcome Kylene. We already love you!