Strawberry Bliss Bars

Just in time for love day, a delicious and delectable treat!

Now although the title of this blog is Strawberry Bliss Bars, that is not what I originally had in mind. You see, Kathryn had sent me a most wonderful looking recipe for Strawberry Creme Truffles. I was so excited. I had all of the ingredients: just enough coconut butter, strawberries, chocolate chips but… I added too many strawberries and BAM the creme became a smoothie. Haha. I added a few more strawberries than the recipe had called for because when I stopped blending the first time it just didn’t taste as strawberry-ish as I would have liked. A lesson in following directions. So, I had to improvise and well, it worked! I turned what seemed to be a disaster into a darn-good-desert. Oh the power of creativity! So here it is... Strawberry Creme Truffles turned into bar loveliness. 

Strawberry Bliss Bars



1 cup coconut butter

1 cup strawberries 

2 Tbs. maple syrup 


1 cup chocolate chips

3 Tbs. vegan milk of choice


Line a 9x9 pan with parchment paper and leave the paper hanging over the sides. 

In a blender or food processor mix coconut butter, strawberries and maple syrup until well combined. It should be a smooth texture not necessarily smoothie consistency. LOL!

Pour the mixture into the parchment lined pan and place in the freezer for 30 min. or until it becomes solid. (You want it to be pretty solidified because when you pour the chocolate on top you don't want it to melt and get all swirly… or do you? Haha. Maybe save that one for next time.)

When the filling is ready for its wonderful topping begin to warm the chocolate and milk in a double boiler over low to medium heat. (I actually often just use a pan on low heat and keep a very watchful eye.) When the chocolate is melted, remove from heat. You can allow it to cool for 1 minute and then pour and spread the chocolate on top of the frozen strawberry mix. Place back into the freezer for another 20-30 min. 

Remove from the freezer. Pull up on the parchment paper to lay flat and cut into squares. You can store them in the freezer or eat them all up at once like we did. (I’m entertaining 4 children here.) 

Good luck sweet-valentines. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo