Love Letters

When was the last time that you sat down to handwrite a letter? I’m not talking about a small message on the inside of a hallmark card or an “I’ll be back at 5 p.m.” letter that sits on the counter awaiting your partner’s arrival. I’m talking about a deep, heart-felt, soul-filled, lay it all down on paper kind of letter. The ones that are saturated with passion and emotion, that paint a picture as you read them quietly in your mind. Letters that reach out and touch you and sometimes break you apart. Ones that have been opened and closed so many times that the creases begin to wear away. 

These kind of letters are love letters… 

and Hannah Brencher is on a mission to bring more of them into the world. Hannah started writing and leaving love letters around the city of New York at the young age of 22. She posed the question on her blog, “Do you need someone to write you a love letter today?” and her inbox was soon filled with requests. She has now created the MLL (More Love Letters) organization and with the help of people like you and me, sends bundles of love letters to those in need. Isn’t that marvelous? At the moment the organization is taking a small break but will be up and running towards the end of the month so be sure to check back and see how you can participate in a global movement of love. 

Until then, write your own love letter. Sink deep into your heart space and bring forth words of inspiration, gratitude, compassion and well… love. Mail it to someone close to you or leave around town for a stranger to discover. By taking time to do this small thing you could quite possibility make a BIG difference.

Love, love, love, to you.