Milk, it really does a body good! (ahem... if it's vegan)

Hello beautiful yogis and yogets. This is a serious post! Yes, I said serious. Mostly because it includes a how-to video from the one and only Kathryn Nicolai but also because the how-to is a recipe everyone should have. The other day the kids and I made some delicious almond milk to mix with even more delicious homemade vegan granola and I thought to myself, "How many people have really made their own milk?" I'm hoping that lots of you have but if not you're in for a BIG surprise. It's super easy and as we all know, homemade anything just tastes better. Check out Kathryn's video below and then while you're at it go ----> here and make some excellent vegan granola. Yummy in my uddiyana bandha!