Spirit Fire

It was a long and beautiful weekend in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Rolling hills, snow covered meadows and winding roads were the backdrop of a two hour trip outside of Boston. Very close friends of mine and I made our way to a most remarkable retreat center in the town of Leyden. Spirit Fire ”an educational non-profit whose mission is to cultivate spirituality” welcomed us with open arms. Their hospitality, serene environment and overall passion for conscious living was easily discernible as soon as we arrived. The retreat center, which rests on 95 acres of gorgeous land, hosts classes, group rentals and even personal quietudes. The food was amazing, the accommodations delightful and the hosts absolutely wonderful! 

Aside from being a great place to visit, Spirit Fire dedicates itself to providing live guided meditation daily (or recorded podcasts if you miss the live session). Founder of Spirit Fire, Donna Mitchell-Moniak, teaches the 14-step guided meditation program online for free. 

"The Practice of Living Awareness is a 14-step guided meditation program designed for every level of practitioner, from beginner to advanced.  The practice is online and always free.  Each step is simple and builds upon the one before.  We offer twenty-minute live meditations seven days a week.  Each week explores a new step of the practice.  Three days of the week are dedicated to those just beginning to learn the practice, three days are focused on deeper meditations, and on the seventh day we offer a world service meditation for the well-being of humanity as a whole."

Spirit Fire currently has a new round of practice beginning next Monday January, 26th at 9 a.m. You can register on their page here and begin meditating with many others around the country for 20 minutes every day. Come on people… let’s meditate!