Over the past 11 days I have had the absolute pleasure of spending some much needed time with my best gal-pal from California Rana. I love her so very much and enjoyed her entire visit. We shared many things together while she was here including yoga. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring in a guest blogger just to get her take on the studio. Thank you Rana! 

Rana's Blog: 

Every couple of years, I travel from my home in Northern California to Michigan to visit my best friend, Darcel, and her family. I always have a list of special Michigan-must-dos that I love to experience while I am here. You know the things you can’t do anywhere else; a day trip to to the lake, donuts and cider from Spicer's Orchard, a weekend up north, baking cookies with the kids… and one of the activities that I look forward to the most is getting to go to Ethos to practice yoga!

In Silicon Valley, there are plenty of yoga studios that I am grateful to have been able to experience. But there is something special about Ethos that I just cannot find anywhere else. It’s hard to pin-point exactly why Ethos helps me feel such a strong connection to my practice. Perhaps it’s the the fact that the yoga room is lit with a candle-like atmosphere allowing me to avoid distraction by what my eyes can see or that there are no mirrors so that I can keep my self judgment to a minimum and really feel the poses in my muscles and bones. I am particularly grateful that Ethos provides yoga mats to borrow, especially since I am traveling from out-of-state. All of the instructors are amazing in their own way, and they each have their own unique style in guiding the students to challenging themselves beyond their own beliefs. 

Kathryn (an instructor and co-owner of the studio) teaches a Vinyasa class like I have never experienced before. She starts with a simple flow, then increasingly adds different posses, gracefully connecting from one movement to another. After guiding the class through the sequence a few times, she lets you go. She lets you take the flow in your own direction, moving at your own pace and challenging you to engage your mind as you concentrate on the sequence. I love this aspect of the class because it puts the accountability in the hands of the student to be completely focused on themselves. It is certainly a challenge for me, but walking away at the end of a yoga class feeling like I’ve exercised my body AND mind is invaluable. 

I just want to send love and gratitude to all those who put their hearts into the workings of Ethos Yoga. It roots me while I am away from home, and always reminds me of the peace found through a yoga practice.