Teacher's Training Tidbit #1

(ART courtesy of local artist Tod Biskner)

Soooooo… I can’t give you all the inside goodness of teacher’s training. That would be scandalous. But I can let you in on a couple of the key principles now and again. This week I’d like to tell you….


I’m not saying everybody is different in the way that we all have different tastes and desires etc. etc.. I’m talking about your body. Your actual physical form. Now yes, this is something we all know. From a very young age we are taught that some people are small and others are big. Some people are tall and others are short. But in yoga this is a BIG deal. With every body being different it means that no two people doing the same pose are going to look the same. And even if the poses look very similar, each person is feeling it differently. 

As Kathryn always says, “Different strokes for different folks.”

There are times we can be tempted during one of our practices to look around the yoga room to see how we compare to another yogi, but there certainly is no point. Don’t let that ego get the best of you because we’re all different. 

The body is made up of 206 bones. That’s a lot of bones! They’re all shaped differently and we have joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments all playing a huge roll in how our bodies line up. So when you go to do a down dog your back, wrists, arms, shoulders and hips might say, “yes!” while another person’s might say, “stop!” Your down dog might be spread out from the top of the mat to the bottom, while another person’s down doggy might be short with knees bent. 

There really is no one right way to do a pose. You have to feel it, take it slow and do what’s right for your body.  In the case of muscles we most definitely can loosen up and find our way deeper into an asana but when our actual bones say, “Nope. No way.” we have to listen. Take the time to listen. Push yourself to the edge but not over the edge. Remember, “It’s the journey not the destination.”