Better than chocolate

I’ve done it! Finally after years of telling myself I would, I made the commitment to Ethos’ Teacher Training Program. Twelve weeks of intense learning, mindfulness and crazy beautiful yoga. I am SO excited. What a wonderful new road to traverse. Now, that said, I am also slightly overwhelmed, somewhat nervous and a little hesitant. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Approaching unfamiliar areas of our lives can seem a bit challenging. New careers, housing transitions and family conditions all tend to throw us curve balls at some point or another but I have a secret. Well maybe it’s not really a secret, but do you know the best way to deal with those difficult tasks? No, not with vegan chocolate chip cookies and yoga, although those will help too. FRIENDSHIP. Yes friendship. The buddha said, “Friendship is the only cure for hatred, the only guarantee of peace.” If it weren’t for 11 other gorgeous ladies walking the path of teacher’s training along with me I’m not quite sure I would be able to do it alone. There truly is strength in numbers and it feels great to be sharing this experience with other individuals that will lend love, support and a down dog if needed.

Carlin Flora writes in her book, Friendfluence,  

Friendships are the least institutionalized and most voluntary social relationship we have. Our friends can cycle in and out of our hearts and calendars; they can be our “everything” or just a refreshing anomaly, a small pop of color in a busy social landscape. Amorphous in nature, friendship fills in the cracks left open by our personalities, or backgrounds, or temporary circumstances. Friends adapt to our needs and styles, and we to theirs. Perhaps we’ll never arrive at a precise definition, but descriptions of true friends can bring a jolt of recognition. Holly, who was taken in without a word of judgement or hint of hesitation during the darkest moment of her life, says a friend is someone who “knows that you need them, but also knows how you need them. Someone who knows exactly how to comfort you.”

So gather together, what Kris Carr calls “your posse." You know, those folks who have your back, who will be there for you, hold you accountable or just give a smile. Then get to it! Whatever “it” is. Building a supportive community of great friends or even complete strangers is so ideal for making changes in your life. As for me, I can not fully express my gratitude towards the yogi pals I have discovered on this fabulous adventure. Thank you ladies! Let’s keep calm and yoga on.