What makes you feel good? Really. What makes you laugh and smile and have that radiant feeling that comes from the heart? 

Make a great BIG list. Yes, right now. Make a list of all of those things that come to mind that put you in a groovy mood. Small things, BIG THINGS and all the things in-between.  

It is easy to get caught up in routine. Habits distract us and we unconsciously deny ourselves the things that we love most. As a mother of 3 I can absolutely relate to some days being so full of chores, errands and meals that 24 hours travels by faster than a hurricane and I’m left feeling quite certain that I forgot to stop and smell the roses. But it’s few and far between because I have made a promise to myself to be present as often as possible and to allow myself the non-negotiables. What is this you ask? Non-negotiables? Well it’s my list above… the list you just made. It's the things you don't leave out. Those wonderful things that make us smile that we should give ourselves everyday. Well maybe not all of them at once but definitely a few. Tac your list up on a wall, place it beside your bed or fold it up in your wallet. Take a peek at it once and a while to make sure that you’re filling your life with these items of joy. It is a wonderful thing to give to others but we also have to take time to give to ourselves. Grove on you tiny dancers. Don’t worry be happy!