Midweek Music Marathon

Music moves us. It’s true! Sometimes it moves us to tears, sometimes towards joy, peace and harmony and other times it just simply moves us. We are drawn to it. Music is known to stimulate pleasure and reward areas in the brain. “The striatum releases a chemical known as dopamine, which results in a feeling of pleasure. In fact, imaging of the brain has proven this process to be similar in fashion to the brain’s response to food or sex.”

More music? Yes please!

Even though scientists have discovered some pretty wonderful attributes of music such as it's ability to decrease anxiety levels in patients before surgery, slow heart rate, excite us or connect us to movement and all sorts of emotions, all of the effects that music has on our brain and body are still quite a mystery. So for now dismiss all the analytic "why’s"; enjoy the music and groove.

Below is a list of some great midweek music tunes to help you move through your day and yoga poses. 

I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
Find a Way Home, The Intermission Project
Love Genertion, Bob Sinclair 
One Day, Matisyahu
Amazing, One eskimO
Three Little Birds, Bob Marley
A Beautitful Day, Indie Arie 
Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson
Soulshine, Warren Haynes
I Got You, Jack Johnson
Think Good thoughts, Colbie Caillat