Yoga on the GO

It's Friday night and I can not begin to tell you how excited I am. Tomorrow morning around 7 a.m. I'm taking a much needed road trip east to lovely Connecticut. There is a class I take there called Self and Spirit. It will be a wonderful week of good friends, good food and lots of laughter. But being away means no Ethos Yoga Studio. Boo hoo! What's a girl to do? Well I'm taking my yoga with me of course. Now, I won't have my computer or phone so no online classes for me. However, if you do have access to the internet the next time you travel a great site to find yoga videos is

If you don't have the internet then just do what I do and go with the flow. Step onto your mat, tune into your breath and be in the moment. Do what feels good for your body. Sometimes we get stuck into believing yoga should be one way and not another. My yoga practiice often ends up a little like a dance routine and other times it's slow and steady, but no matter what... there is no wrong way! Use what you know even if you stay in down dog the whole time and just breathe. If you feel intimidated by coming up with your own yoga routine look up some poses before you depart. Yoga Journal has some great suggestions. Build a sequence, write it down and keep it with you to practice when time allows. Travel shouldn't keep you from your yoga it should give you an opportunity to expand your practice. A new place means new ways of seeing things.

Namaste yogi travelers!