Cafe of Life

This wasn't exactly what I was thinking last wednesday when I found myself sprawled out like a pancake on the wood floor. It was more like, "How am I ever going to get up?" My husband and I were goofing around, having fun, maybe a little too much fun, and the next thing you know my body twisted, slipped and I lost a major fight with gravity. Now if I was a kid I would have shot right up and probably begged to do it again but I’m a grown-up (or so I often pretend to be) and falling as adult is tough stuff. My body is not as forgiving as it was when I was 3. Eventually I made my way to a bed and rested a bit before I could actually get around the house but by friday I was stiff and in pain. I had to wait until Monday but as soon as 10 a.m. rolled around, Dr. Erica Peabody to the rescue!

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with our Ethos yogi companion, Dr. Erica Peabody, but you most definitely should be. Erica runs an amazing chiropractic clinic in Fenton. I remember discovering her place by accident one day as I was driving through town. Thinking that The Cafe of Life was an actual espresso, tea and muffin venue I looked it up online only to find something even better: an absolutely incredible place of health and healing. Located just outside of Dibbleville on North Leroy Street her cozy little “cafe” is one you don’t want to miss. “People here receive hope and inspiration instead of prognosis and prescription.” It is one of my favorite places to be, even if I’m only there for a few minutes. The care and attention I receive during my visit is so refreshing and healing that I leave feeling 10 times better than I do when I arrive. Aside from providing the best Chiropractic care around (especially during pregnancy, in my opinion) Dr. Peabody enriches our local community with her knowledge, volunteer work and inspiring blog. I am so grateful for her service and local cafe. Thanks to her I was able to attend wednesday night vinyasa. With a cautious and gentle approach I was sweating to those Kathryn jams untill 8:15 p.m.. Halleluja! 

So take some time,
adjust your body and mind
and visit Erica at the cafe.

Cafe Hours 
Mon: 10a-1p 3p-6p
Tues: 10a-1p 3p-6p
Wed: 7:30a-10a 3p-6p
Thur: 10a-1p 3p-6p

Phone: 810.629.6023 
Fax: 810.629.6024