Strike a pose: Triangle Pose

Break it down now: Triangle Pose

Although Huey Lewis and the News might argue that it's Hip to Be Square in my experience hip+triangle=the real way to go. Triangle pose (Trikonasana) is one of my favorite poses. It is such a wonderful way to open the hips and stretch those legs. 

Traingle Pose (Trikonasana)

Step out wide on your yoga mat making a large gap between your legs (3 1/2 to 4 feet). Have your toes pointing outward keeping your right foot at the top of your mat and your left foot towards the back. Begin by turning your right toes 90° to the right. The heel of your right foot should line up with the arch of your left foot. Now extend your arms straight out, parallel to the floor. You should feel like you’re in warrior B pose without your right leg in a bent position.  

Hinge from the hip and lower your upper body over the right leg. This is different from pyramid pose. You want your chest to turn open towards the left and your arms stay in a wide T as you bend. Let the right hand rest gently on your right shin/foot or ease it all the way down to the floor. Don’t let your body collapse. Keep your chest opening as you continue reaching your left hand up and slightly back. Your eyes can gaze at the top hand or turn towards the right foot. Root down through your feet and stretch. As kathryn would say “Imagine your body in one plane as if you were squeezing into the space between the storm door and the screen door.”

Hold the position for a few deep breaths and then rise to repeat on the other side.


If you feel a little unstable try doing the pose with a wall supporting your backside. 

If resting the hand on your shin, foot or floor doesn’t work for you try placing a block just to the outside of your foot.

Going deeper into the pose: 

Instead of resting on shin, foot or floor use your abdominals to extend your right hand outwards, reaching towards the front of your mat. Your left hand can follow or bind with your left thigh behind the back, further opening your chest. 

Bust a move and show us those triangle pics!