Give me some granola!

Good morning beautiful. Yes, I’m talking to you. What’s for breakfast? How about a delicious healthy bowl of granola? No, not the kind you buy at the store or bake in the oven. An easy, wholesome granola that can be made in no time flat. As a matter of fact I’m eating some right now and it is fan-flippin-tastic. 

To make my morning granola I pull out some nuts, seeds, herbs and oats and start adding little bits of each ingredient to a bowl. Some days I like more almonds or sunflower seeds and other days more oats. Add whatever sounds good to you. Here is a list of ingredients I often use.  

-chia seeds
-sunflowers seeds
-hemp seeds
-sesame seeds
-pumpkin seeds
-flax seeds (whole and ground)
-cashew pieces
-slivered almonds
-nutritional yeast
-milk thistle (ground)
-slippery elm bark (ground)
-echinacea root (ground) 
-dandelion root (ground) 

When everything is in the bowl and I feel like I have a good enough amount to satisfy my hungry belly I slowly add a little maple syrup and stir. You can use other sweetners but maple syrup is my go-to. I try to add enough so that the mixture isn’t dry but instead has a sticky, somewhat moist consistency. Sometimes I add a little vanilla or almond extract and cinnamon too. The result is a super quick and great tasting granola that packs enough energy to fuel your entire morning. l eat it by itself but the kids love it with yogurt. Experiment! The possibilties are endless. Add a little of this and a little of that. With great tasting, healthy ingredients how can you go wrong?