canvas voice


Do you have a passion? Something that allows you to empty yourself fully and breathe through anything? Mine is writing. The words I write are my heart’s anthem. Ever since I was a little girl I have written poems, stories, and songs. It’s an outlet for me just like yoga might be for you, or cooking for someone else (I absolutely love yoga and cooking as well). Out of this love for writing blossomed a wonderful expressive creation between my friend and I: canvas voice. It is the collaborative work of my writing and Ashley Worden’s amazing artistic abilities. We combine our talents to make art pieces that speak in two ways instead of one. Currently we are working on a project called 365 days of art. Check out some the pieces below (if you click on the image it will take you to a larger view as well as to a blog about the piece).

You can view all of our work including daily inspirational thoughts called “TeaSpooN of SugaR” and our random acts of art on facebook here.

What’s your passion? What makes your heart sing?