Monday morning and in Ellsworth, MI the snow falls lightly.

The evergreens practice their dance in the wind, the wood stove glows red, and the rustic cabin gives a warm and romantic shelter. Where am I? Well yesterday you could find me pouting in the corner ignoring all that this beautiful vacation has to offer. I sat down to write a blog and found that my computer would not connect to the internet. After hours of trying to solve the problem I set off to a cafe for some tea and writing time. As soon as I pulled out my mac the chai tea I had purchased tipped and spilt over the keyboard. I cleaned it up but the L button stopped working. A minute later half of the buttons quit. I closed up shop and decided to try again later.

Fast forward 5 hours. The computer would no longer turn on. No blog, pictures lost, documents down the drain. Cue pouting, crying, maybe even a little kicking and screaming in the corner. Then a wise lady said, "It's just stuff. Even if it's not easy, stuff can be replaced." And it's true. Stuff can be replaced, but not this moment, this time away, this wonderful period of relaxation and rejuvenation. So today the computer sits in the corner but not me. Today you'll find me on my yoga mat doing sun salutations with a smile. Lesson: Shift your perception even just a little bit and you're bound to rock your own world.