Strike A Pose: Tree Pose

Every couple of weeks I will do a breakdown of a yoga pose/asana. If you have any suggestions or are having a tough time with one specific pose let us know so we can post it here on the blog. This week I chose Vriksasana or tree pose (the trees really know how to stay rooted in the wintertime). If you have never experienced this pose, try it out. If you have it under wraps and are a yogi “pro”, try it again. No pose is ever the same because you’re different today than you were yesterday. Revisiting a pose will only make you stronger and more aware of you.

Tree Pose (Vriksasana)

Begin in a standing position. Arms at your side. Big toes touching and feet flat on the floor.



Shift your weight to the left foot. Hands are on your hips. Begin to bend your right knee while bringing your right foot off of the ground. Now reach down with your right hand and grab your right ankle. Use your right hand to help you place the sole of your right foot on the inner thigh of your left leg, toes pointing downward.



Now roll your right leg open while pressing the right foot against the left thigh. Hands meet and come to a prayer position in front of your heart. Your pelvis tucks under. Your left foot is pressing down on all four corners. Your shoulders pull down away from your ears and back towards one another. Your chest reaches up high, your gaze is forward and your spine is align. Breathe.


Stay here for two long breaths. Slowly release the pose and find yourself back in a regular standing position (mountain pose) once again. Now try the other side.

The idea here is to FEEL your body working in whatever way that works for you. 


  • Try using a wall or chair for support
  • If you can not bring your foot all the way up to your inner thigh try placing it lower towards your calf
  • If moving your hands into prayer position doesn't work try keeping your hands on your hips or extend them out wide like you're walking a tightrope 

 Going deeper into the pose:

  • Try bringing your foot all the way up to your groin area without using your hand as a guide
  • Instead of keeping your hands in front of your heart stretch them to the sky as high as you can, and when you're ready take a side bend to each side
  • Try holding the pose longer and longer everytime
  • Need a challenge still? Try it with your eyes closed: we all need a little wobble every now and again


  • A great way to work on your balance 
  • Increases thigh, calf, ankle and core strength 
  • Stretches your groin, hip, chest and shoulders 

Now bust a move and show us what you're working with!