Allow me to introduce myself


Let me introduce myself

Hello, I’m Darcel. Oh you didn’t catch that? My name is Darcel. You forgot it already? Darcel, Darcel, Darcel! Isn’t it interesting how often we forget a name when meeting someone new? You are introduced and then BAM, the name slips out of your mind faster than it entered in. Certain scientific research supports the idea that the mind may need a time lapse before recalling learned information. If this proves true it certainly makes sense why we may not remember a name. But what are the other factors? What might we be able to change? Here are a few tips to help our heads get back into the name game.


We have all been there, mid-conversation with someone when all of a sudden we realize that our thoughts are on tonight’s dinner or the great song that is playing in the background. Be here now! Look them in the eye and pay attention. Tonight’s dinner can wait.


Often times we introduce ourselves and say something like, “Sorry I’m horrible at remembering names.” or “You will probably have to tell me your name again later.” Stop the negative chatter. You are setting yourself up to fail. Say something positive such as, “That’s a great name, I will definitely remember this person.” Give yourself the chance to remember. 


Kansas State University’s Richard Harris states: “The key to a good memory is your level of interest. The more interest you show in a topic, the more likely it will imprint itself on your brain.” Get invested in the moment. We meet many different people throughout our lives; take interest in who they really are. You may just learn a thing or two.


Ok, so now that you are armed with a few extra tools to help you on your name remembering adventure get out there and meet new people!