Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is yoga?

A: There are a lot of answers to that question. In simple terms yoga is a technique for building a stronger healthier body and a quieter more balanced mind. We use physical postures, deep breathing, and meditation to do this work. 

Q: Why do yoga?

A: There are numerous reasons to practice yoga. Yoga can help relieve stress and tension, increase flexibility, strength and bone density, improve circulation and lung capacity, better your sleep and concentration, and lower your blood pressure and your cortisol level. Many students find that the skills they learn on their mats follow them into the rest of their day; they are more able to handle stressful situations calmly and rely less and less on old attachments and addictions to help them relax. Besides all that many people find that they simply need a bit of time for themselves in a relaxing cell phone-free environment, where they can recharge and renew. 

Q: Can yoga help me lose weight?

A: Certainly. Yoga builds muscle and burns calories like many other kinds of physical activity but it also trains you to become less reactive and more aware. These skills help many students to break free from old habits that make losing weight hard or impossible. In other words, the next time you are about to go through the drive-thru you’ll have the skills to step back and ask yourself if you are truly responding to your body’s needs or just reacting to a craving.

Q: Is Yoga a religion, or will it conflict with my religion?

A: No, yoga is a technique that anyone can use to reduce stress and become less reactive. At Ethos we practice yoga in a completely universal and non-dogmatic way, observing reality as it is and turning away from ceremony. 

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: Wear comfortable cloths and arrive a few minutes early. If you don’t have a mat we’ll lend you one of ours. Practicing on an empty or nearly empty stomach is a good idea. 

Q: Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

A: Nope, come to any class on the schedule whenever you like. 

Q: I’ve never done yoga before. Which class should I come to?

A: The Slow Flow classes are a great place to start, but if you are feeling too freaked out to start there try gentle yoga. 

Q: I’m really inflexible; do you have a class for people like me?

A: Yes, any class on the schedule. When we see yoga in movies and ads people are usually twisted into some crazy contortions, maybe because that’s more interesting to film then average people breathing deeply and working with what they’ve got. Putting your foot behind your head wouldn’t make your life less stressful anyway but accepting yourself for who you are just might. 

Q: But really, I can’t touch my toes. Isn’t that awful?

A: No, people who can touch their toes aren’t better people with better lives; it’s just that they can just touch their toes. 

Q: Is everyone going to laugh at me when I can’t do it right?

A: Look, I think you’ve got yoga mixed up with something else. Ethos is a safe place, where you can relax and do something really good for yourself. No one is judging you, you might be in the habit of judging yourself but we’ll work on that too. 

Q: How often should I do yoga?

A: Daily practice is optimal but for most people that isn’t realistic. If you can come 3 times a week, do that. If you can only come once a week, do that. You might find that the more you practice, the more you will want to practice, and you will start making it a priority. 

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothes that you can move comfortably in. The yoga room can get warm so layers are a good idea. 

Q: Yeah, why is the yoga room warm? I don’t like feeling hot.

A: Practicing in a warm room allows your muscles to relax and stretch more easily, also the heat helps you to sweat and detoxify and has even been shown to boost the immune system. The room tops out at about 80 during slow flow and 88-92 for the other classes. Think of it as another kind of challenge! 

Q: Why do your yoga clothes and mats cost so much? They are way cheaper at Target.

A: They certainly are and we understand that not everyone can pay $68 for yoga pants however we refuse to buy and sell products made by children in sweatshops. All of the products we sell are made in the USA. When you buy from companies that value their workers you make a strong statement about the importance of compassionate consumerism. Not only are our products made by people earning a living wage, many of our clothes are made from organic cotton. Our yoga mats are biodegradable and sourced from eco-friendly rubber tree farms. Our body products are never tested on animals, contain no animal ingredients and are locally made. Even our mat bags are made from recycled materials. You can feel good about everything you buy at Ethos. 

Q: What is that word that everyone says at the end of class?

A: We end class with the Sanskrit word Namaste`. This word is a greeting between friends, it means “the light, the love and the truth in me recognizes and celebrates those same things in you” or more simply put “all the good stuff in me sees all the good stuff in you.” 

Q: I wanted to buy a gift certificate but when I clicked on the link it opened the schedule. What’s the deal?

A: You’re in the right place, don’t give up. In the upper right hand corner of the schedule you’ll notice an online store button. Click on that and the system should walk you through the rest.

Q: It’s two O’clock in the morning and I am thinking of requesting a massage for 8AM. Is this a bad idea?

A: Yes it is. The computer will not wake us up to tell us. Please give us 24 hours to process an online massage request.

Q: Kay, I requested but haven’t heard back. Is it confirmed? 

A: Sometimes when requesting an appointment people forget to leave us a phone number. Check your email.