Mary E. Nicolai

M.S., M.A., L.L.P.C. Counselor, Life Coach

You can book an appointment by emailing her at

I began my quest for better health and positive lifestyle living about three months prior to my 50th birthday. Like many of you, I spent much of my adult life on the weight gaining and losing rollercoaster. Before each birthday, I would decide to loose weight and begin a life of weight control. Each “diet” and each type of exercise program would only hold my interest for a short time. I was unable to embrace them as lifestyle changes. Then I found yoga. Yoga gave me the inspiration and balance I needed to invest in myself and embrace a positive change in my life. I have been practicing now for almost 13 years and cannot imagine my life any other way.

Although I have a Master of Science degree in vocational administration (and have been teaching at the post secondary level since 1978), I decided to explore another avenue of education. February 2005 marked the completion of my Masters degree in counseling. I have a special interest in body image and eating disorders. I believe the positive body image aspect of Yoga works as a co-treatment for a variety of eating disorders. I look forward to incorporating Yoga and its mindset into my counseling practice. Additionally, I have experience in counseling providing treatment for lifestyle changes, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships and life coaching.

When Kathryn and I had the idea for Ethos, we knew the absolute connection of the mind and body was the reason that counseling and yoga should be together.  It is difficult to disconnect from my office and the studio where therapy clients feel comforted and safe. However, I am beginning another journey in life and will be out of state for part of the year. I believe they refer to it as (semi) retirement.

I will not be completely retired. Not only will I be available to my current clients via Skype, I will also be available to new clients who may be comfortable with online counseling. 

 You can book an appointment by emailing her at

Photo by Megan Elise Crimmins.