Vinyasa At vinyasa you should expect the following: To sweat ( a lot). To work hard and build incredible strength and stamina. To sometimes feel like you are dancing. To sometimes feel like crying. To sometimes feel like you don't know what's going on and to be ok with that. To try new things. To feel taken apart, thoroughly wrung out, and put back together again

Slow Flow: Great for beginners and those with back pain! Flow through twisting, standing, balancing, and weight bearing postures at a steady slow pace. This practice will leave you feeling stretched out, strengthened, and relaxed.

Yin Yang: This class helps to boost mobility and flexibility through long held deep stretches and to boost strength and stamina through weight bearing postures. It is a quiet and meditative practice in which we may move through only a few postures in an hour. This class is open to everyone and is a great addition to a regular vinyasa or slow flow practice.

Ashtanga This vigorous practice includes Sun Salutations, standing, balancing, seated, and inverted postures. As much of the primary series will be explored as time allows.

Gentle Yoga: Restorative and relaxing, this class is great for beginners, those with injuries or disabilities, and those looking to diffuse stress and learn relaxation techniques. The postures will be basic. The breathing will be deep. This class is a perfect way to prepare for your week, and it will be run on a donation basis. Give what you can even if it's just your presence.

Flying Yoga: This class uses OmGym yoga swings to create a practice that is both therapeutic and acrobatic. Each class starts with basics and progresses into more complex inverted postures. It is open to everyone and no experience is required. Because space is very limited, please reserve your space through the schedule button to the right.

Intro to Vinyasa: If you have wanted to try vinyasa but haven't quite got up the courage yet, or if you have been going to vinyasa but feel like you are missing a few pieces of the puzzle this class is for you. We'll work on the basics of breath and movement, build stamina, and each week we'll break down one of the trickier postures to see what makes it tick.

Restorative Release: In this Roll & Release class, we will work to create more flexibility, stability and greater immune function by using props to open and lengthen the connective tissue. The pace is slow and exploratory, which allows us to drop deeply into each pose and area of focus. This class is great for every level of experience as it offers complementary technique to anyone’s existing practice.



drop in........$13 (18 and under $5)

2 month unlimited (new student special) ......$89

unlimited yoga (12 month contract)......$69/month

       (6 month contract)........$75/month

       (1 month, no contract)..$79/month

6 class pack......$69

12 class pack......$129

24 class pack......$239

private yoga......$45