Kylene Goforth is a nationally recognized and state licensed board certified acupuncturist.

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Acupunture pricing:

Initial visit $100

Follow-up -  $70 ($60 for minors or seniors)

Cupping - $40

After receiving her Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Promotion: Community Health Education, Kylene embarked on a four year Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her training included over 3,000 hours of class room study and practical application. She graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College of Boulder, Colorado where her core medical training in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs was enhanced with a wide variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Western medical theory and techniques that enables her to create an individualized and unique experience based on your needs.

Complementary NOT Competitive...

According to Chinese Medicine, our natural state is one of good health, happiness, and sense of well-being and the body is always working towards optimal health. An important goal of Chinese Medicine is to identify a person’s ideal state of balance, determine where they are out of balance, and offer the body gentle energetic suggestions to enhance and assist this innate ability.

Kylene is not out to replace conventional health care providers or medications. She is here to complement more western medical therapies from a holistic point of view—working with your body, mind, and spirit to achieve the healthy life you desire. She is very comfortable working with other healthcare practitioners to combine resources for the ultimate benefit for her patients. She specializes in preventative care which could mean fewer visits to your doctor’s office!

My Personal Journey to Find Acupuncture...

As a small child I was always running and playing outside with my sisters and helping my father in our family garden. He was a professor of pharmacy and my mother was a grade school teacher. We were a very active and healthy family, especially during the summer months. From camping, playing sports and enjoying our time at the lake house, we were out in nature as much as possible.

When it came time to go to college I was uncertain as to what I wanted to study. There were so many options. I started out pursuing a Public Relations: Communications degree. I quickly realized that this was not for me. It did not take long to find my passion for health sciences and I began down a path to pursue my Bachelor's degree in Community Health Education with an emphasis in Health and Healing. When it came time for my internship, in my last year of school, I was shocked to find that there were not many job opportunities. I volunteered for a non-profit organization for over 3 months and came to realize that I wanted to help people in a deeper way then what I would be able to working in this environment.

One year after I graduated and several jobs later I found myself in an acupuncturist’s office with a horrible case of shingles. In only a few acupuncture treatments and some Chinese herbs my shingles had dissipated without any pain. I began reading more about this ancient medicine and with every book that I opened I was more intrigued. It didn't take long until I began working for my acupuncturist as her office manager. For over two years I witnessed thousands of healings. Not only seeing a significant change with her patients from the beginning of the session until the end, I also got to witness long term treatment and the profound shifts patients were experiencing from month to month and from one year to the next.

This experience changed my life. I had to learn more about this medicine. This was what I had been looking for. This was the type of medicine that I could use as my way to make a difference in this world. My hope is that through sharing my gifts and passion for complementary medicine that the awareness of how precious and magical our bodies really are begins to grow inside each of my patients. By honoring our bodies as a gift and allowing our innate ability to heal ourselves we truly have the power within us to overcome health obstacles. All we need is a little support and encouragement and this is what I am offering. Combining ancient medicine with modern knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit, together we are creating the new paradigm of what it means to heal. 

Frequently asked questions about Acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a safe, effective and ancient form of medicine. It has been used for over 2,000 years in Asian countries and is currently practiced worldwide as both primary and complementary forms of therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the human body as an energetic system that contains pathways of energy called meridians. These energy pathways influence all our organs, the body as a whole, the spirit and the mind. According to Chinese medical theory, any form of disease is a direct result of an imbalance or blockage in the body’s natural energy flow. Acupuncture uses very fine, hair-thin, sterile needles that are inserted into specific points on the body to restore balance and re-establish a free flow. Each point has a variety of functions and can treat many different issues. Acupuncture disperses blockages and stimulates the body’s natural immune response and brings the body back into harmony.

How does it work?

The modern medical world has been researching the effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine since the mid-20th century. It has been discovered that acupuncture has an effect on the hypothalamus, which regulates the endocrine system and hormones. It has been shown to activate the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, which induces the relaxation response and reduces the effects of stress on our bodies. It stimulates endorphin and serotonin production, which affect pain perception and mood. Studies have also found that acupuncture safely increases blood circulation, decreases inflammation, and enhances the effectiveness of the immune system by increasing the number of T-cells.

What can Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine treat?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can effectively treat numerous conditions. For most any reason that you would consult your primary care doctor, acupuncture can treat it. Some of the most well-known conditions that acupuncture treats including, but not limited to the following:


  •  PAIN: Arthritis, TMJ, Headaches/Migraines, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, T ennis Elbow, etc.
  •  WOMEN'S HEALTH: PMS/PMDD, Menstrual Pain, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, Menopausal Syndrome, Infertility, Menstrual Irregularities, Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, etc.

  • MENTAL/EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Anxiety, Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Stress, Addiction, Insomnia etc.

  • GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS: Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Heartburn/GERD, Morning sickness, Nausea, Vomiting, etc.

  • CHRONIC ILLNESS: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme's Disease, etc.

OTHER: Common Cold, Sinusitis, Seasonal Allergies, Bell's Palsy, Fatigue, Dizziness, etc.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The needles used in acupuncture are very different from hypodermic needles used in Western medicine. One of the most important things to know is that acupuncture needles are not hollow. They consist of a solid shaft made of stainless steel that is also very flexible and extremely fine - no thicker than a few strands of hair. They penetrate the skin without breaking it like a hypodermic needle. This means that the needle does not cut the skin. Most of the time acupuncture is completely painless. When accurately inserted, acupuncture needles produce little to no sensation. There may be a slight sensation upon insertion and some patients report a tingling around the needle sight. Patients often experience a feeling of relaxation and are able to fall asleep during treatment!

How many treatments will I need & How often should I come in?

The number and frequency of treatments needed for each individual will depend greatly on the nature, severity and duration of the condition. It also will depend on the treatment response and the goals of the patient. Many patients experience a certain amount of relief after just one or two treatments. Severe or longstanding conditions can require more persistent care. Preventative treatments and treatments for general well-being may also be scheduled as-needed.

Are the needles sterile?

YES! All needles are single-use, disposable and come in sterile packages. They are used one time only and then placed in medical waste. Needles are NEVER re-used.